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When an occasion calls for something a bit extreme, MarineSandpiper dons his Desert MARPAT camouflage kilt and leather motorcycle vest to become a one-man rock show sensation!


Utilizing bagpipes, electronic bagpipes, vocals and background tracks, MarineSandpiper covers many genres of music from classic rock, to modern pop and even jazz.


Parties - Concerts

Social Events - Anti-social Events



For traditional bagpiping events, MarineSandpiper is clad in full highland dress to include the Leatherneck Tartan kilt.


As a retired U.S. Marine Corps musician, he is highly knowledgeable in both military and civic ceremony protocol and can add that special touch to make your next event extraordinary.


Weddings - Funerals

Change of Command - Post & Relief




Hailing from the greater metropolitan area of Twentynine Palms, CA, MarineSandpiper is the Southern California High Desert's only Rock & Roll bagpiper!  With over 26 years of bagpipe experience, MarineSandpiper can cover everything from traditional bagpipe music to classic rock and pop music.

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